Bitcoin is not dead yet and there is a growing number of sites offering Bitcoin-based advertising, according to the marketing firm,

The company said it had received over 3,000 Bitcoin advertising requests since its launch in late 2016, and that it had no plans to halt its support.

“We’ve been working with Yelp to make sure the ads we’re offering are safe for users and the advertisers, as well as for the brands we work with,” said Tim Lee, CEO of Yelp.

“The new features on our platform will help us provide even more great content to our users and advertisers.”

“Yelp has been an innovative partner in our efforts to bring our users more of what they want, and we’re pleased to have them join us in this important shift toward a digital economy,” said Mark Wahlberg, Yelp’s chief marketing officer.

“The recent surge in Bitcoin activity, as seen in the latest data, confirms that Bitcoin is still an important part of the global marketplace,” he added.’s new advertising feature, called “AdBlock,” allows users to block ads from being displayed on the site.

Users can opt-in to the feature by visiting the site’s website, clicking the “Add Account” button and then selecting the “Adblock” option.

“Our goal with AdBlock is to give our users the best experience on our site,” said Lee.

“By offering our users a better, safer, and more secure experience, we believe AdBlock will be a game-changer for advertisers.”

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that uses cryptography to create a digital ledger that records transactions.

The digital currency, which has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, has attracted an array of businesses and services, including Airbnb, Uber, and PayPal.