TechCrunch is reporting that Facebook has introduced a new feature that will automatically delete ads from the company’s platform when you’re logged in. 

It’s the latest example of the social media giant making efforts to limit its users’ exposure to advertisements. 

In an announcement from today, Facebook says that it will automatically remove ads that are “in the news” or “upvoted” by Facebook users or users who have been following the company. 

For example, if you subscribe to an article, the Facebook News Feed will automatically display an advertisement if that article has been viewed more than 15 times. 

The company says that if you are logged into Facebook at any time, you will be able to opt out of automatic ads being displayed. 

This change comes after a number of reports surfaced that some Facebook advertisers were inadvertently showing up in the newsfeeds of Facebook users.

Facebook has long been known for having a large ad platform, and the company has tried to combat some of the concerns of advertisers by making it harder for them to get ads displayed in their own news feeds. 

Facebook has said that its goal is to have a fully featured ad system in place by the end of 2019.