Facebook has banned an ad campaign for the ‘Firefly’ TV series on the internet, but the move comes as a result of a backlash against a group of people who made a meme featuring the series’ main characters.

The memes, which depict the series characters interacting with the fireflies, were taken down in late July, with Facebook telling The Verge that it would continue to take down the ads.

The ad campaign was originally posted by a group calling themselves the ‘Buddhist Fireflies’ and featured several images of a firefly with a message reading: “A little firefly.

You’re welcome.

I am the Dalai Lama.”

The group later removed the image, claiming it was an infringement of their trademark.

The group, which claimed to be a group for Tibetan Buddhists, told The Verge it was only made up of Tibetan Buddhist devotees.

Facebook has not taken down the ad campaign and is continuing to ban similar ads on other pages.

The ‘Budapest Fireflies,’ who were part of a meme that was posted to the ‘Facebook’ social media platform, also posted a message on the Facebook page for ‘BUDAPOLI FIREFLIES’ that read, “We welcome you to join us and to enjoy the show.

Please keep the flame lit.”

The Hungarian-based group also posted on the ‘Hungarian Fireflies Facebook page’ that it has received complaints from “some users and some Facebook groups” and is now banning the ads, with the group calling it a “racist ad campaign.”

The ‘Hungarians Fireflies’, however, told the Daily Dot that they are not racist.

They also say that Facebook does not take down any content that is racist or contains threats against members of the Jewish community.

The Budapest Fireflies said they received a letter from Facebook on Wednesday requesting the removal of the ad and asking them to “take immediate action” in relation to the content posted by the group.

Facebook also responded to the Budapest Fireworks with a statement that reads: “We take the safety and well-being of our users extremely seriously, and we block or remove content that violates our policies.

We do not tolerate content that promotes hate, violence, or incitement to violence.

Facebook removes content when we are able to verify that it violates our community standards, and remove it when we have sufficient evidence of a violation of our Community Standards.

We work with partners to ensure that our communities are safe online.”

In a statement on Wednesday, the Budapest Fires said they have “repeatedly asked Facebook to remove content in violation of Community Standards,” but they “have received no response to our requests for verification of these claims.

We hope that Facebook will immediately take action against this content.”

Facebook has previously banned the ‘Cannibal’ meme, which was posted by users on the site, for inciting violence against the Prophet Muhammad and the ‘Halloween’ meme which was also shared by users.

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