With Google AdWords, there are several ways you can tell if a company is sponsored.

You can see whether they are a paid advertiser or a non-paid one.

But, it’s also possible to see whether the ad is really a sponsored one, or just a banner advertisement.

Let’s get started.

What are sponsored ads?

The word sponsored is an abbreviation for “sponsored by.”

An ad is one that the advertiser has a contractual relationship with, usually a website, company, or business.

If the ad appears on a website that the ad network has a relationship with or an advertiser does business with, then it may qualify as sponsored.

But a sponsored ad is not necessarily sponsored.

An advertiser may also be sponsored by the same advertiser’s competitors or by a third-party.

For example, if a person buys a product or service through a third party, then they could be considered an advertisor.

But if the third party is a company that is not directly affiliated with the company sponsoring the ad, then the company is not considered an actual sponsor.

An ad that is sponsored is placed on the site where the ad was placed, and the company has to pay for the ad to appear.

This payment is typically made through a subscription fee.

In some cases, the advertisor pays a fee upfront, but in other cases, they may also earn revenue from a sale.

A company that pays for the ads will typically earn more money from each advertisement sold.

A company that doesn’t have a direct affiliation with the ad advertiser could be described as a nonsponsored advertiser.

A nonsponsored company could be a person, organization, or organization that doesn “not participate in the business of providing advertisements.”

That means the ad may not be paid for directly by the advertisger, and it may not have a specific relationship with the advertisER.