A lot of companies have begun to realize that their ad agencies are the ones who are getting paid to make the ads look good, and they’re trying to figure out how to get paid.

They’ve learned to use tools like DSP and ad-blockers to help make their ads more relevant to their audiences, and their ad teams are starting to understand that the ads they’re using are less effective when the audience isn’t paying attention to them.

But the best way to ensure your ads look great is to hire the right ad agency, says Ryan Hirsch, a partner at New York City-based advertising agency, WFGA.

Hirsch says he’s seen many companies that have used DSP ads for years as an effective way to get people to engage with their content, but they’ve fallen behind when it comes to how they get paid to do that.

“I’ve seen an ad agency that had a great ad, and it turns out it didn’t pay the money they were supposed to be getting for it, so they were left with the ad and they lost a lot of their money,” he says.WFGA, which is a division of WPP Group, has seen an increase in its clients paying for more of their ads to run in the past few years, but Hirsch notes that it’s still a bit of a struggle for the majority of clients who aren’t interested in paying a lot for their content.

“If you want to pay them to produce content that’s engaging, then you need to find a way to make sure that it makes it more valuable to them,” he explains.

In the video above, Hirsch shares some of his thoughts on how to make your content more valuable and effective.

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