The Federal Government’s push to scrap and its ilk will hit Australia on Monday, but what happens if you are one of the lucky few who can still get backpage to serve ads on your mobile device?

The Federal Government is planning to scrap the website in the coming weeks as part of its plan to cut costs and improve efficiency.

It is understood the decision will be taken in the next week or so, when a review is expected to be released on the future of Backpage and the Australian Advertising Standards Authority (AASA).

While Backpage currently does not appear on mobile devices, it is expected that some mobile devices will soon become capable of receiving advertisements on Backpage’s servers.

The changes, which have yet to be announced, will affect Australians who can access the website from their mobile devices.

In 2018, the Government announced it was working with the AASA to introduce a new scheme to give mobile users access to advertising from other Australian websites.

It would be the first time that mobile-based advertising has been integrated into the ATSA’s guidelines.

But with the Government’s plans to scrap Backpage, many mobile users will find themselves in a position where they can no longer access the backpage website, meaning they may need to find another source of ad revenue.

What is Backpage?

The Backpage website was a popular website for many Australian teenagers, which was also used by internet surfers to find out about the latest and greatest trends in their favourite products.

While the website is no longer available on mobile phones, many people still find it useful for finding products that they want to purchase.

A search engine used to be a key part of the Backstage experience, but as of March 2018, it no longer exists.

While Backstage has long been available, it has been a long time since a mobile version of the website has been available.

But the search engine is still available through, which allows users to access the website through the search bar.

However, users still have the option to access Backpage through the web browser.

The new Backpage ad-blocking planThe Federal government has introduced a new Backstage ad-blocker that will block adverts on Backstage from appearing on your phone.

Users will have to install a special ad blocker app onto their phone.

The government says that the app will only block ads that appear in the ‘Featured’ section of the site, which is currently limited to advertising in the Australian news section.

However it has not yet made clear which advertisements are banned from appearing in this section.

While this is the case, the government has announced that users who are blocked from viewing ads on BackStage will still be able to browse the website.

This will allow people to view content from other Australians and foreign websites.

But people who are unable to access their favourite websites will still have access to the Back Stage site, meaning that they will be able continue to browse other websites.

This means that if you want to visit the web site, you can still browse the Australian News section, and use the search box to find news stories and features.

The Government has also promised to allow people with specialised internet connections to use the Backside website.

However some users may find this more difficult, as they would not be able view the content from on their mobile device.

In order to access other websites, people will have a new tool called a ‘Backstage Access’, which allows them to access content from any Australian website, including Backstage’s own.

This could be a problem for those who rely on other Australian web sites to provide content on their devices.

However the government says this new feature will be rolled out over the next few months, and will not affect existing users.

This change will mean that people who use the internet on a regular basis, such as those who work in the hospitality industry, may not have access at all to Backstage content, meaning their content may no longer be available.