The official website for Warwick Recordings has confirmed the band will make their first appearance on the forthcoming season of The Taming of the Shrew, which debuts on the BBC’s iPlayer on April 28.

Warwick will perform “Beware of the Wolf”, “Wolves at Dawn”, “Bitter Pill”, “Garden of the Dead” and “Mighty Wolf” on the season, which will be released in cinemas on April 27.

Warrock will also release a new EP, “The Biggest Surprise of All Time”, in March.

The Tagging of the Sheep will be the band’s first UK tour since 2009.

Warwolf are one of several UK acts to perform on the show, with The Tapping of the Heart, Sticky Fingers, The Vampyre, Jaws, The Wolves, The Shrew and Warwick joining the mix.

Watch the video for Warrock’s ‘Beware Of The Wolf’ below: