It’s the second year in a row the industry has fallen short in its fight to get rid of its native ads.

Advertising has been criticised for failing to deliver the promised value, or in some cases even the promise of the advertised product, and in some instances the product is just not as good as advertised.

Car Insurance’s managing director of corporate communications Ben Lacy says the industry needs to do more to get back to its roots.

“If you look at the history of advertising, it’s been very clear that it’s a long way from the brand that you see in your local supermarket or in your TV advertisement,” he said.

Lacy said the industry needed to learn to take its native advertising for granted and to embrace it.

In recent years, the industry was criticised for not having enough natural advertising.

It’s time for the industry to get it right, he said, by adopting a new advertising strategy that incorporates the benefits of native advertising into the ad mix.

He said he believed the industry could do better.

“What we’re seeing with our natural advertising is it’s an example of how you can deliver a compelling product to a targeted audience and get more value from it.

It’s about the value proposition and how it makes a difference to people,” he explained.

We need to make sure we get the right content, and the right value proposition, he added.

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