The ad was featured on YouTube by the social networking company for its #1 ad of the year, which was the launch of PepsiCo’s new “Pepsi” product.

Pepsco and its ad agency, Creative Strategies, created the Pepsi spot with the help of a former ad exec from Coca-Cola, a role the two worked together on.

The spot showed a boy playing with a balloon that pops when he eats a Pepsi.

When he gets to the end of the balloon, he gets a taste of a Coke.

When the boy gets to his lips, the Coke pops again, but this time it’s a Pepsi instead of the soda from the previous night.

After the spot went viral, the hashtag #PepesForPepis was trending worldwide on Twitter.

The Pepsi ad was seen more than 8 million times in the first 24 hours, according to a post on the social network’s advertising page.

“Our first ad campaign of the new year is a bold statement that puts Pepsi in a different light,” said PepsiCo Chief Brand Officer Mike Cimino.

“We believe it shows the power of innovation and is one of our most compelling advertising campaigns.”

The spot is the second of Coca-cola’s brand to feature a Pepsi ad in the past month.

Last week, the beverage giant debuted a Pepsi billboard on the New York City skyline that features the hashtag “PepsForPes.”

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