President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to be “not as racist as he is.”

But the president-elect said Thursday that he won’t “be able to stop me” from winning.

And on Thursday morning, he promised that he would “get rid of” people who make his “tone and rhetoric sound racist.”

The new administration, he told reporters in New York, “is not going to stop.

We are not going stop.”

“I am not going away, I am going to be the president of the United States for a long time,” Trump said, while reiterating his vow to “be a leader.”

“And I will be a leader,” he added.

The president-in-waiting has been accused of racism since his election victory.

The media and many in the public have taken Trump to task for the rhetoric that has come out of his mouth, and for the attacks he has leveled on members of the media.

In addition to criticizing news organizations, Trump has also taken aim at the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, the Congressional Black Caucus, women, and the Latino community.

On Thursday morning he was confronted by members of Congress, some of whom were visibly upset at the President-in