By Chris Hughes (2:40pm ET)Black blogger and self-described “political activist” Andrew Bacevich told Buzzfeed that he’s been a “longtime advertiser” on the backpage platform, and “the platform has allowed me to become part of the conversation.”

Buzzfeed’s sources told the publication that Bacevs experience on the platform included his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and his own criticism of racist advertisements on the site.

Bacevich said he’s “not sure” he’ll be able to keep his ad space on backpage as the platform changes.

He also said that the site’s decision to hire white people to work on editorial was “racist.”

“I’m not sure that I can keep ad space, so I’m going to move on,” he said.

Badevins experience on backpages first came to light in January, when he told The Washington Post that his ads on back pages “just keep coming back.”

He said he felt “betrayed” and left the platform after a month.

Bacevins story prompted backlash from other advertisers, including Facebook, and was later featured in The New York Times.

Buzzfeed reached out to Backpage for comment on Baceviks experience, but has not received a response.

Badevics story has since been picked up by other outlets, including The Guardian.