Netflix has announced a major ad campaign for the new season of the zombie-slaying sci-fi TV series The Walking Dead, with the ad company telling viewers to “get out of the house and leave your guns at home” when the series returns on February 10.

The campaign is part of Netflix’s commitment to keeping its viewers connected to its content.

The series follows the journey of a group of survivors in the fictional American town of Alexandria.

In the new ad, the company’s senior VP of advertising, Joe Belfiore, tells viewers that while The Walking Night has been “good for us” and “a good movie” and has a “great cast,” he feels that “it’s still not a show.”

“When we look at the world, the movies we watch, and the shows we like, it’s the shows that make us want to get out of our homes and leave our guns at homes, so to speak,” BelfiORE says in the ad, which was filmed on a set at the AMC movie theater in Los Angeles.

“It’s the TV shows that keep us coming back.”

Netflix’s ad is the first major advertising campaign for The Walking Down Dead, which premiered in October.

The company is planning to run ads across its content platforms in February.

It also recently announced a new ad campaign focused on kids, and will be running ads for the upcoming season of Star Trek Beyond.

Netflix’s latest ad comes just weeks after it announced that it would be introducing a new way to watch shows, allowing users to select content to stream and watch on the platform.

In addition to The Walking, the new program will include Netflix’s original series, Stranger Things, and Marvel’s Daredevil, which is also in the pipeline.

The Walking Series Season 1 trailer: Netflix’s new ad features a shot of a man in a dark room, surrounded by a group that includes a gun, a mask and a hood.

A voiceover says that it is “the story of a survivor’s journey.”

“It tells you what’s happening, what’s in store for you, what you have to do to survive and to protect yourself and the others in your family,” BelFIORE says.

The ad also features a poster for the show, which depicts a man dressed in a red hooded sweatshirt with the words “I’m The Man” written in black on it.

“You’ll never see The Walking Man again, but you’ll get a look at who he is,” BelFiORE says at the end of the ad.

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