When you’re trying to sell something to someone, what kind of ads should you run?

For many marketers, it’s not enough to just run a simple banner on your website and see if people click on it.

You also need to put in some work to find the right audience to reach, and you’ll need to be creative when you use social to reach them.

The ad agencies that we spoke to, for example, are constantly trying to improve their own advertising sales strategies.

And they’re working on it with their partners and influencers to make sure that they can continue to be a powerful presence in the advertising space.

“Our clients are paying a lot more attention to what’s trending on social than to what they’re actually selling,” says Mike Pinto, director of digital marketing for National Geographic.

“They’re also paying more attention and are investing in the social analytics tools that they’re using to make better decisions about what content they’re going to display.”

Here’s how to make a compelling online advertising campaign.

Adwords: The biggest way to boost your sales The biggest difference between an ad and a social media post is that an ad doesn’t require a click on the link to be taken.

Instead, it sends a message that the ad is relevant to the content of the post.

“The key is that you’re sending a message in the form of a click,” Pinto says.

“When people click through to that ad, it gets shared to the right people and their followers and their email lists and their social networks.”

“If you can do that, you’re going a long way to making sure that your ad doesn’ impact the overall brand,” Ponto says.

And since it’s a click-through-the-bubble, it makes it much easier for the marketers to get the most out of the campaign.

“It’s more difficult to find people that are interested in a specific brand and that they have a certain level of trust in you to deliver that message,” Pinos says.

Pinto also says that, in the digital space, the most important thing to look for when trying to get social marketing ads is how long your campaign is.

If it’s only a few months, it could be enough for a company to sell a lot of things.

“There’s no one person who’s going to do everything,” Pintons says.

If you’re a brand that has a large number of followers, Pinto suggests looking at a longer campaign.

That way, you can have a steady flow of people buying products and services from your brand.

“We think it’s really important that you get out there and show people something that’s going on in your world that’s relevant to what you’re doing,” Pintson says.

You need to make it easy for the customer to buy “When you have a strong social media presence, it creates an opportunity to be seen as something that people are interested and want to engage with,” Pinson says, adding that this can help brand marketers to increase the visibility of their ads on social media.

“People tend to take their time when they’re buying stuff, so it’s going be much easier to show people the products and the services that they want,” Pines says.

A simple post with a few images can also help sell products and make the ads easier to see.

But Pinto points out that not every ad is going to be as effective.

“In some cases, a social post might be a little bit too short,” he says.

But if you’re targeting people who might be interested in your product or service, Pinton says that a longer post can be helpful.

“If the goal is to have a very specific message, you might want to add a little more detail about what the product or the service is and how you want to help people understand it,” he explains.

“That way, it can be very engaging.”

Adwords Plus: A tool for targeting ads with social influencers adwordsplus.com is the online tool that National Geographic uses to target ads to influencers on social.

The site lets you set up ad campaigns with an ad network and then set the ad to appear to the people you’re following.

Once an ad has been targeted, it’ll appear on the network’s social media accounts, and users can click through and see more about the ad and what it offers.

“What we found is that a lot [of] the time, people who were following the influencer were clicking on the ad,” Pincus says.

That’s because the ad network doesn’t want their influencers appearing on its social posts.

“As a result, a lot people are going to get caught by the ads, but we think it helps them understand the product,” Pinias says.

When it comes to how long an ad is, Pinsons says it can depend