Facebook is trying to get even more native ads on its platform to help boost revenue, and the company is getting its hands dirty.

The tech giant is adding new native advertising features to the platform that can help it rank more highly for advertisers, and to help advertisers understand how to target their ads.

Facebook’s first attempt at the feature was in March, when it added the ability to display native ads at the top of page views.

In May, Facebook began to test the feature on mobile devices, including a limited number of desktop versions.

Today, Facebook announced a new feature that will allow users to create and display native-advertiser profiles on Facebook Pages, as well as the ability for advertisers to directly send targeted ads to Pages that have those profiles.

Facebook is also adding new ad formats to help companies target ads based on geography, gender, and other factors.

In addition to Facebook’s native advertising feature, Facebook is working on a set of new ad standards to help developers build better native ads, such as targeting the content of a post based on gender, location, and more.

The platform has also launched a new ad format for companies that want to use Facebook’s Audience Network, which is built on Facebook’s own AdWords and AdSense services.

Facebook plans to roll out the new ad features to users on a regular basis, and also is experimenting with new ways for advertisers and publishers to engage with users and make more of their content more native.

As Facebook is ramping up its efforts to make more native content on the platform, it is also introducing new ways to give marketers the ability and incentive to use the platform to reach users.

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