fox news adverts are appearing on billboards, online and in magazines and newspapers, but the practice has come under fire by some advertisers, who say the ads are not trustworthy.

The advertising firm which manages the ads says it has a strict code of conduct that it follows in its dealings with Fox News.

A Fox News spokesperson said the network had “zero tolerance” for deceptive and misleading advertising.

“We work to ensure that we do not provide false information or misleading ads.

We have never sold or provided any services to the company.

It has never been our intention to do so,” Fox News said in a statement.

Fox News has been criticised by some politicians, including New York State Senator Charles Schumer who has called on Fox News to remove its ads.

The network has been under fire since it was revealed that the company, the National Rifle Association, was behind an ad campaign targeting Sen Charles Schumer that accused the New York Democrat of being a supporter of the gun lobby.

The NRA also claimed the ads were designed to incite violence.

Fox has since been forced to remove the ads and has apologised for the error.