Google has announced a new ad guidelines policy for its Google Ads Platform, which will limit the amount of advertising that can appear in search results.

The new ad rules were published in a blog post published by Google on Wednesday.

Google says that if you want to promote an ad, you can’t use Google AdWords, a tool that allows advertisers to target users with adverts.

It also says that users can’t advertise their own products or services on the platform, and advertisers will have to opt out of such advertising.

The change to the Google Ads platform follows changes made earlier this year to the way ads are displayed on the Google News app.

New Google News ads are now only visible to users with Google accounts.

Additionally, users are now able to limit how much time a Google ad appears in their search results, and Google says it will no longer display ads with more than 5 minutes of ad time.

“This change is designed to help improve Google’s ad quality and make it more easily discoverable by users and advertisers,” a Google spokesperson told Reuters.

As a result, Google has changed how the ads appear on the News app, and users can now choose to opt-out of Google Ads if they want.

Earlier this month, Google made changes to the News site to allow ads to be displayed in Google Search results.

The changes were made in response to concerns from publishers that Google had too much power in their bid to get ads into search results on the site.