A group of NFL players, including one former Pro Bowl player, has filed a lawsuit against the NFL alleging a group of coaches and executives violated the union’s contract by using racial slurs.

The Players Association filed the lawsuit Thursday in a federal court in Atlanta.

It says the comments are not only unacceptable, but that they violate the NFL’s labor laws.

The NFLPA claims the players were not paid in the past, that they are owed compensation and that the team’s management breached their rights.

The lawsuit alleges the NFL failed to pay the players for the work they did in the 1990s and that they have suffered physical and emotional injury.

It also alleges that the NFLPA’s contract was breached in 2011 when the team agreed to pay players $4 million for the 2011 season.

The NFLPA says it filed the suit on behalf of the players because the players are owed money.

The union said it would fight the claim for class-action status.

The players were paid $1 million for 2011, according to the union.

The players who were on the receiving end of the comments, however, were not.