A man behind a white supremacy campaign has quit the company he founded to be treated like a “human” and be paid “fairly”.

The man, who has yet to be named, has resigned after he was accused of racism, bullying and discrimination, the company said on Tuesday.

“I’m proud to have been part of this company and to have worked alongside so many incredible people,” the statement said.

It is understood the man, identified only as D.J., left his position at the company in August. “

If you or someone you know experiences anything that we don’t agree with, please contact us directly and we will do everything we can to resolve the matter.”

It is understood the man, identified only as D.J., left his position at the company in August.

The company has since released a statement saying it was “deeply disappointed” and would “continue to investigate the matter”.

“As part of our culture and in accordance with our corporate values, we believe it is important for us to make a commitment to all employees that we will continue to support them, including the transition to a new team,” the company’s statement read.

The statement was released in response to a public petition, created by an Australian-based human rights group, demanding the resignation of the man.

The petition, which has received more than 15,000 signatures, asks that the company “take action to ensure that the man who allegedly discriminated against women is held accountable for his actions and that any retaliation is dealt with appropriately”.

The petition says D.D. “continues to receive threats from individuals online, and he has been reported to the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Employment Security”.

It also asks that he “receive the same level of treatment as the employees he allegedly harassed and discriminated against”.

The company said it had been in discussions with the man and that it “will continue to look into this matter”.

The statement also said the company would “review our procedures and training for all of our employees, including diversity training”.

“We will also continue to hold all of those who may have engaged in discriminatory conduct to account,” it added.

“The human rights situation in Australia is challenging and we are committed to making sure we are doing everything possible to support all employees who are working in Australia.”

We are committed, however, to ensuring that all our employees are treated with dignity and respect.”

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