A starbucks spokesperson said on Thursday that the company stopped selling advertising in the country, and that it was no longer selling any coffee in the market.

Starbucks said that it has stopped selling its coffee products in Canada and has suspended its operations.

It also said that the ad-sharing site Reddit would no longer allow advertising on its site.

The coffee company had been selling coffee in Canada since at least 2007, and its ads were used to promote the company’s products.

The company said that ads are no longer being used to sell products and that its advertising is no longer on its website.

Starbuck did not say how many of its products it sells in Canada, but the company said in a statement that it had been providing coffee to consumers in Canada for more than 20 years and that the decision to stop advertising in this country was not a change in policy.

“It is no secret that Starbucks has been aggressively expanding its presence in Canada over the past decade.

This expansion has helped to build our brand and create a more diverse and culturally diverse Canadian consumer base.

However, the decision by the Canadian government to remove the advertising from its website was not based on our intentions, but on the law,” the statement read.

In March, Starbucks began removing advertisements from Reddit after the social news site suspended ads on the site because of the ads’ alleged link to child abuse.

However, Starbucks continued to sell coffee in its stores.

Earlier this month, Starbucks said it would stop advertising on Reddit and will stop selling coffee by the end of March.

The company also said it was working to remove all its advertisements from Google.

Starbucks is the third major coffee brand to have come under fire in Canada.

Last month, coffee company J├Ągermeister announced that it would cease advertising on YouTube and other digital platforms.