The new etsy website has launched a new product category and an entirely new e-commerce platform.

Etsy has partnered with ad network Digg to bring a range of e-tailers to the site, including Amazon, B&C, Bumble, eBay,, and

“We want to create a better e-shop for Etsy customers,” cofounder and CEO Yves Guillaume told Mashable.

“You have to be able to do something that you love and be able make money.

We want to do that with a product that Etsy has been doing for years.”

Guillaumes cofounded Etsy with his brother, Alexandre.

Guillaus’ etsy store, which launched in May, sells everything from baby clothes to clothes for men and women.

Etsy is trying to take on eBay, which offers similar products.

But, unlike eBay, it has not created a marketplace for goods sold through its platform, and it is not launching a product category yet.

“When we first started out, there were only two e-retailers, and we were only focused on clothes and baby items,” Guillaue said.

“Today, we have more than 20,000 merchants and thousands of sellers.”

Guillas website will not be available until January, and he said the new platform will allow users to purchase a range.

“Etsy has a lot more to offer than just clothes and shoes,” he said.

Customers can choose between a selection of etsy-exclusive brands like “Hair and Makeup” or “Gifts for the Homeless.”

The new platform has been redesigned to include new products, including new and retro pieces, including clothing and accessories.

There will also be a new “Shop Your Way” section, which allows users to buy directly from the Etsy store, and a “Paypal” section that allows buyers to buy from the platform without credit card payments.

There is also a new section for “Gift Cards” that lets buyers send gifts to one another, as well as a section for shipping and tracking.

Etsy also is expanding the Etsy Store to the US, and will soon launch in Canada and Japan.

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