If you’re looking for an online ad campaign that uses Facebook’s advertising network to sell outdoor apparel, you can now do it.

This week, the social media giant released a video tutorial that shows how to use the service to generate the ad.

In the video, the company tells the story of one woman who created a campaign using Facebook Ads to sell apparel online, and then used it to generate revenue through the company’s online shopping platform.

The ad campaign is now on Amazon’s website, and it’s free to watch.

While Amazon is the first to jump on the ad campaign bandwagon, the platform has a long history of running ad campaigns for other advertisers, as well.

Last year, Amazon released a promotional video for an e-cigarette product called “Vapor Misfit,” which featured a young boy smoking a vaporizer and saying “It’s just like cigarettes, but for vapor.”

The company has also run ads for a brand of toothpaste called “I Love It,” a line of clothing called “Boys and Girls” and a beer called “Mildly Twisted.”