Home Depot is the UK’s biggest and best-known retailer, but it has been in the news recently for what some are calling a “fiasco” involving its stock exchange stock.

Home Depot stock has been on a steady slide in recent weeks, falling by around 30% since mid-April.

The company said it has “unprecedented” issues with stock exchange trading, but that it is working to fix the problem.

In a statement released to Reuters on Monday, Home Depot said it had identified “an unusual number of issues with the stock exchange that may be affecting the trading activity of the company’s shares”.

The company added that it had also been “reviewing our trading strategy in relation to this situation”.

It said that its trading strategy would “not be impacted by this event”.

A spokesperson for Home Depot told Reuters on Tuesday that the company had “unusually limited trading activity” on the UK stock exchange.

Home depot said the stock market had been “struggling” since the start of the year and it was “extremely concerned” about the situation.

The retailer said it is “working closely with the regulators and regulators around the world to ensure this is not the case in the future”.