As of Wednesday, 2020 advertising prices were being reported, with the latest report from the Elections Canada website, which shows that the total price for 2020 election ads was $1,928,000.

As you can see, the cost was a little bit more than $10 million more than the 2016 election and well above the $1.3 million the Liberals and the NDP spent.

This is the same report that also reported that the average price for political advertising was $7,099 per ad, which was down from $9,724 for the last election.

The Liberals, who took office in 2018, are estimated to have spent about $2 million on advertising in 2020.

The NDP, on the other hand, had a spending rate of just $732,000 in 2020, a far cry from the $859,000 that they spent in the previous election.

While the Liberals had the lowest average price in 2020 and spent about twice as much on advertising as the NDP, it still doesn’t come close to the $947,000 spent by the Conservatives.

In the last federal election, the Conservatives spent $1 billion on advertising, which is more than double the amount they spent on advertising for the previous one.

But the Liberals have already begun to use some of that money to make their own commercials, which will likely mean they’re spending more than they did in 2020 on ads.

The Conservatives’ ads also cost more than a third more than ads run by the NDP and Liberals.

But in the last two elections, the NDP was able to spend less than half as much as the Liberals, at about $7 million per ad.

That’s still a lot more than other parties in the country.

The Liberal ads also ran for less time, which may be because they were cheaper to make, or because they didn’t have to pay for any TV or radio spots.

The ads run on local TV and radio stations cost about $3 million, but that’s almost double what the Conservatives were spending.

The costs of advertising in the 2016 federal election were also more than four times as much.

According to a study by Elections Canada, in 2018 the average cost per ad was $4,200, which made up about four per cent of the total cost of advertising.

But according to the Elections Canadian report, the average ad cost $4.9 million, which also makes up four per to six per cent.

In 2017, the Liberals spent $7.1 million on ad spending, more than triple the amount the Conservatives did.

So in 2018 and 2019, the Liberal ads were also cheaper to produce than their rivals.

In 2020, the total costs of political advertising were $769,000, a little more than half of the $3.2 billion spent in 2016.

In 2019, it was $821,000 and in 2020 it was almost $955,000 more than in 2016, according to Elections Canada.

The party has been spending heavily on advertising this year, which has helped it out in the polls.

The parties have spent more than seven per cent more than their opponents in each of the last three elections.

The total cost for advertising in 2019 was $3,037,000 less than the total spending in 2016 and 2018, according the Elections Commission of Canada.

It’s not clear how much of the savings from the Liberal ad spending have come from advertising that ran before 2020.

In 2016, the Conservative ad cost ran on radio stations, while the Liberals were spending the same amount on TV ads.

This year, the ads were run on television stations and on websites.

The cost of political ads has gone up in the past few years, with each election bringing in more and more advertising.

The amount of political spending has increased by about 70 per cent in the five years since the Conservatives held power, the same rate as the rest of Canada, according a study done by Ipsos Reid.

The latest Ipsos poll found that the Conservatives have a two per cent lead over the Liberals in the election.

They currently hold a three per cent advantage, according an Ipsos survey conducted in April.