What do you do when you’ve got a new business idea and a lot of customers?

The new etsy website has launched a new product category and an entirely new e-commerce platform.Etsy has partnered with ad network Digg to bring a range of e-tailers to the site, including Amazon, B&C, Bumble, eBay, eBay.com, Etsy.com and Etsy.net.“We want to create a better e-shop for Etsy customers,” cofounder and CEO Yves Guillaume told […]

‘This is my job. I don’t want to be paid’: Man behind ‘white supremacy’ campaign says he will be ‘treated like a human’

A man behind a white supremacy campaign has quit the company he founded to be treated like a “human” and be paid “fairly”.The man, who has yet to be named, has resigned after he was accused of racism, bullying and discrimination, the company said on Tuesday.“I’m proud to have been part of this company and […]

When the ads vanished, starbucks stopped its advertising in Canada

A starbucks spokesperson said on Thursday that the company stopped selling advertising in the country, and that it was no longer selling any coffee in the market.Starbucks said that it has stopped selling its coffee products in Canada and has suspended its operations.It also said that the ad-sharing site Reddit would no longer allow advertising […]

How to spot a fake online billboard

How to Spot a Fake Online Bidding Sign: 5 tips and tips for spotting fake online billboards.The billboard will be placed outside a restaurant or hotel in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the United States, with a price tag ranging from $20-$50.The advertising sign will also say the location is “open to the public.”A warning […]

Trump to announce plan to cut $50B in government spending

The White House says President Donald Trump is going to announce a plan to trim $50 billion in government funding, as well as a $10 billion “bipartisan” proposal to reduce the number of Social Security recipients.The announcement is expected at 11:30 a.m.EDT.Trump says he’s going to use the $50-billion savings to fund his ambitious border […]

Why do men wear masks to work?

On Wednesday, the Canadian Association of Professional Employees launched a petition asking the federal government to enact a law that would prohibit the wearing of face coverings at work.The petition was launched by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the Professional Employees Alliance of Canada, the American Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations.The group said […]