Google has been pushing its new food advertising platform for some time now, and now the company is finally releasing a guide on how to effectively use the service to get your brand noticed.

Google’s new ‘Food Ad Guide’ is aimed at businesses looking to get their advertising in front of a wider audience, which should make it much easier for them to attract and retain eyeballs. 

The guide outlines the various types of ad that will be used to target the ‘Food’ section of the website, from banner ads to pop-ups and more. 

In order to make the guide as relevant as possible, the Google team has included a list of keywords to consider when designing your ads, including the type of ads they will target. 

“You can use these keywords to target your ads to a range of audiences.

You can use keywords that include keywords from the search results, such as food, food delivery, or food delivery service, to target specific keywords in the search query,” the guide states. 

While there is no set way to target keywords in a search, there are a few suggestions that are very helpful. 

It also states that you should “consider keywords that may be more targeted than others, such a location, time of day, or location of food delivery”. 

Google recommends that you consider targeting keywords for specific geographic areas, and that you also consider targeting specific phrases such as ‘food delivery’, “delivery”, or “food delivery service”, which may refer to the delivery of food from a food supplier to a consumer. 

Google says that using these keywords will make your ad appear relevant to the specific audience you are targeting, and will help you “engage more with your target audience”. 

“A great way to get noticed is to use keywords like ‘delivery’ or ‘deliver food’, as these keywords can appear in the same query in search results,” it adds. 

You can find out more about the Google ad guide here: Google News  (India)

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