An adidas spokesman said the company had announced a $3bn sale to Adidas for its Originals brands and branded goods, including shoes, apparel and accessories.

The deal follows a sale of Adidas Originations brand to rival retailer Under Armour earlier this year for $2.8bn. 

The deal will result in 1.1 million pairs of the adidas shoes, according to the company.

Adidas Originations brands include the Yeezy Boost, Yeezle Boost, Boost Runners, Yeezys, YEEZY Boost, the Originals x adidas Boost and the Originations x adidash Boost.

The company will also buy 1.7 million pairs for its own brands.

The sale of the Origentials brand to Adidas was announced last year, but it wasn’t officially announced until last week. 

Nike also announced last month it will sell more than 3 million pairs to retailers and other partners this year, including in-store purchases of footwear and apparel.