Breitbart News has learned that the Republican National Committee is now preparing for a 2020 presidential primary in which it will attempt to defeat a Democratic candidate and secure a majority in the House.

The NRSC is now planning to run the “best candidate” for president in 2020, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The party is also reportedly preparing to run in four districts in 2020 — Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.

The NRSC has also been working to make 2020 the “year of the outsider,” according to the sources, which would involve running a “full slate of candidates” and seeking out the “most credible and trustworthy” people.

The 2016 cycle was the first time a Democratic presidential candidate ran against the incumbent party’s incumbent president.

However, the 2020 cycle would mark the first presidential election in which the Republican Party would nominate a candidate against the party’s current incumbent.

The Trump campaign has been working on a full slate of 2020 presidential candidates and is currently preparing for its “best-in-class” 2020 primary, according a source familiar with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

This source noted that Trump and the RNC have not made any decisions on who they are going to run for president.

The Trump campaign is reportedly considering a slate of potential 2020 presidential hopefuls, including former Virginia Gov.

and current Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA).

The NRCC is reportedly preparing for an “unprecedented primary” in 2020 that will see it seek to take on Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

It is reportedly also looking to run “candidates of integrity” against the Democrats in 2018, according the source.

Trump has reportedly been planning to have at least four different candidates for 2020.

The source added that there is a lot of speculation about who the 2020 candidates will be, including potential 2020 candidates who are not necessarily running against the current GOP president.

A source familiar for this story told Breitbart News, “the Trump team has been making the rounds talking to potential 2020 hopefulls.

They are preparing to put together a slate that will include several key candidates.”

The sources indicated that the NRCC has also begun exploring a 2020 “no-compromise” primary, which they said is also a key component of the 2018 GOP primary strategy.

The no-compromising primary will see the GOP primary candidates pledge to work across the aisle to support Trump’s agenda.

This is not the first instance of the NRSC making plans for 2020 that are aimed at a specific candidate.

In June, the NRDC was planning to enter a “no compromise” primary with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (D–MA).

The NRCC had previously said that it would not run a candidate that was “soft on crime.”

The NRDC’s plan is reportedly similar to what the party did in 2016, when it launched a “Trump 2020” slate.

The 2020 Republican National Convention will likely be held in Cleveland in early 2018, with the 2020 NRCC slate also expected to be announced during the convention.

In a statement to Breitbart News this week, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the Republican State Committee, and the Trump campaign declined to comment on the plan.

However the Trump administration has repeatedly called for 2020 primaries in the hopes that the 2020 Republican primary is more favorable to the Trump agenda.

The 2020 Republican primaries will also mark the third time in history that a Republican presidential candidate will be running against an incumbent president and a Democrat.

In 2008, the first Republican presidential primary, Mitt Romney faced the Democratic incumbent President Obama in the general election.

However Trump won the general-election race.

In 2020, the GOP’s 2018 midterm campaign was dominated by Trump and his allies.

However in 2020 there is no sign that Trump’s 2018 primary campaign will be a challenge to the incumbent Democrats.

In 2019, Trump won his party’s presidential primary and became the party nominee.

However he lost the 2020 election to Democrat Joe Biden.

The 2018 Republican primary was also dominated by Republicans who opposed Trump’s policies.

Trump and the NRRC are planning to go through their “best candidates” for 2020 and they are reportedly going to seek to “win the White House.”

They are also planning to “do whatever it takes” to ensure a Trump presidency in 2020.

Trump is planning to launch a “top-to-bottom” effort to defeat Democrat Nancy Pelosi, according an article published by the Washington Examiner.

Trump is also planning on running a full-throated “no compromises” campaign against Pelosi, which will be “top to bottom” with his “top people.”

The Washington Examiner article is titled: “Trump’s 2020 strategy to defeat Nancy Pelosi: No compromise or compromise equals no president.”

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