CAESAR, Calif.

— California state Rep. Dan Ammiano, who has been called a “bigot” and a “hate-monger” by conservative critics for his stance on gay rights, has issued a call for a boycott of the Corona brand of beer after anti-“gay” backlash led to the company canceling a series of events featuring the iconic California beer.

The backlash against Corona has led to a boycott, Ammio said Friday.

I am not saying Corona has to go out of business. “

That is why we need to call on Corona to boycott them.

I am not saying Corona has to go out of business.

I just want to call attention to the fact that Corona is an icon for a very diverse and very loving community.

It’s time for Corona to stop trying to be the face of intolerance and bigotry.

Crowne has been the butt of several of the country’s most recent attacks on LGBT rights, including the recently enacted “religious freedom” bill and a lawsuit filed against it by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Corona, which has been making its signature California-made Corona beer since 1871, said in a statement it was canceling the upcoming event in Los Angeles after a large number of complaints from the LGBT community.

The company said in the statement that the boycott will continue until the issues are resolved.

Ammiano said he is not endorsing any boycott of a company but rather a boycott on the state’s political and business leaders.

He said the boycott was spurred by a petition from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, which is expected to bring in more than $300,000 for the cause.

If Corona were to take a stand against a boycott like this, it will only encourage other companies to do the same, Ammann said.

This is a message that is loud and clear to all Americans,” Ammann added.

“The boycott, when you see what it is that people are feeling in this state, this country, this nation, it is going to make everyone realize that we must all come together and stop this hateful behavior and hate.”

The event, called the “Beer to Drink the Future” series, was supposed to take place Feb. 7 at the Los Feliz Brewery.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a small group of people protesting the bill had held signs reading “No more gay rights” and “No Gay Pride Day” for the past week.

Last month, Corona posted a video showing a gay man holding a sign that read, “We have the right to exist, we have the power to make this world a better place.”

The boycott has prompted criticism from celebrities including former President Barack Obama, who said the event was a “call to action.”

The California-based Corona, owned by Diageo, said the decision to cancel the event “comes with the responsibility to work together to create an inclusive, tolerant and diverse environment for all.”

In a statement, the company said the company “believes in celebrating diversity and supports all types of people regardless of their sexual orientation.”

“We are aware of the negative attention and disappointment from some of our supporters in the LGBT communities,” the statement read.

“We take this issue very seriously and will continue to work to create a welcoming environment for everyone in the Corona family.”

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