Dubuques newest online advertising degree will offer “a comprehensive set of online marketing courses for business owners to develop new digital marketing strategies” with an emphasis on “connecting TV with advertising and brand identity.”

Dubuques advertising degree website offers: An extensive array of online classes for business operators, including: •Online courses in advertising, digital and digital media •Online marketing training courses •Online consulting courses •Advanced web development courses, including Drupal and WordPress •Online development, marketing and analytics courses •Mobile marketing and social media marketing courses •CMO classes and certifications •Advertising content creation courses •Digital marketing content creation and publishing courses, with an online version of the company’s own Content Management System and a variety of interactive resources •Brand identity and brand outreach courses •Brand marketing course materials and resources for business, personal and professional clients.

The DubuQué curriculum is offered online by DubuQA and DubuQUE, which are owned and operated by the same person.

According to DubuQUI, DubuQue offers online training in “business and personal branding,” “brand identity and branding,” and “brand outreach.”

DubuQUI also states that DubuQualifications offers courses on: •Brand content creation •Brand outreach •Brand communication •Brand media •Brand brand recognition •Brand branding and marketing •Brand digital marketing • Brand digital marketing and advertising training courses.

The company also states on its website that it has received approval from the University of Iowa and DubuaQA to expand its curriculum in Iowa.

The degree is designed to provide “a professional level of training in marketing and brand development,” DubuqA spokesperson told Breitbart News.

The university is not affiliated with Dubuqualifications, but said in a statement to Breitbart News that “DubuQa has been an integral part of the Dubu Que’s success and our university continues to provide our students with the opportunity to grow through Dubu Qualifications.”

The university did not respond to a request for comment.

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