The job advertisement for a postcard advertises the company’s “personalised job posting”.

It says “The company wants to invite you to postcards, photo shoots and interviews to help build a portfolio.

If you’ve got any experience or are an avid traveller, we’d love to meet you!”. 

The company’s website advertises a number of job postings for the postcard industry, including an advertisement for an advertisement that advertises its “personalized job posting” and an advertisement from a “photography instructor” that advertizes its “photo studio”.

The advertisement says the company wants people to post their pictures online and “give us the opportunity to showcase your work”.

“Our focus is to deliver a high quality experience to people looking for work,” the advertisement says.

“We want to work with you to make your experience the best one you can have.

That means you’re a good fit for the job, the location and the quality of your photos.”

The advertisement also says “you can be a part of the project and contribute your images to help our company grow”.

However, the company also advertises “more than 50,000 postcards” for a range of jobs, including the job for a “self-employed photographer”.

Postcard advertising is a growing industry in New Zealand, with the average number of jobs advertised being over 20,000.

The job advertisement from “Personalized Job Posting” The image on the company website is of a woman posing for a photo shoot, but it does not identify her as a person.

There is no indication on the site whether she is an artist, model, photographer or other role, nor does she have a phone number.

In the advertisement, the postcards are placed in a glass case and the company advertises that “you will receive a professional quality photograph and/or video that will make your career, travel, travels or photography look great”.

When we contacted the company, a spokesperson said that they were not currently offering the job to people in the advertising industry, but would be working to provide a job to those who had already applied.

It is unclear whether the company has a policy for job advertising in the job market.

A spokeswoman for the New Zealand Government said the government was aware of the advertisement and was aware that it was not authorised.

“The Government does not endorse job advertising on behalf of the Government.

Job advertisements are a form of marketing by businesses and they should be done by professionals,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s important to remember that the Government is not endorsing job advertisements and will not be involved in the process.”

“It’s also important to note that the government is not responsible for the content of job ads and will be happy to advise the individual companies on how to ensure that job advertisements are appropriate,” the spokeswoman said.

We contacted the New York-based company, which advertises in Australia, but the spokesperson did not answer our questions about the advertisement.

New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment did not respond to a request for comment.