A new study from Google finds that the biggest and most expensive ads on the web are from the advertisers themselves.

In their latest annual study of online advertising, Google found that the median number of ad impressions that users see on a site’s homepage is around 2,500, which is a staggering figure.

While the average user sees about 500 ad impressions per day, Google discovered that the top advertisers spend an average of about $30,000 on ad impressions on average.

Google analyzed the ads that users saw on websites with the most ad impressions.

The company then looked at the ads and saw if the ads were likely to drive traffic to the site, increase page views, or increase conversion rates.

Google says the top 5 advertisers spent more than $1 billion on ad spending in 2020.

Google found the top five advertisers spend nearly a third of their revenue on ad display advertising, the most valuable form of advertising.

The top 5 ad spenders also accounted for nearly half of the total revenue from ad impressions in 2020, with more than 2.7 billion impressions on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.

Advertisers were also among the top users of social sharing and search.

Facebook’s advertising spend on ads on its platform in 2020 was nearly $5 billion, and Twitter spent $1.9 billion on ads for their users.

Google’s report found that most of the top 10 advertisers spent $20 billion or more on advertising in 2020 while Google was at the bottom in the ranking of the highest spenders in each category.

The study comes after Google has announced plans to spend $1 trillion to improve online ad quality.

Google’s report noted that this is the first time it has taken into account ad quality as a revenue source.

Google says it is now making its own recommendations for how to improve ad quality in the future.