A couple of decades ago, we had this idea that the ’40s ads had a golden age of advertising.

The ads were just beautiful.

They were so compelling.

And now we have this new book called The Great Ads: The Rise and Fall of Advertising from the 1920s to the 1950s, by John C. Mares and David A. Miller.

They did a great job of making that case.

It’s a fascinating book.

I’m particularly interested in the first half of the book because it has the ads as the centerpiece of the story.

It starts out by showing a series of 1920s advertisements, starting with the New York Herald Tribune and continuing through the major magazines of the day.

But in the second half, it switches gears and shows what it looked like to run ads in 1920s magazines.

Here’s a sample: The newspaper’s ads in a 1920s publication, The New York Times.

The ad for a house called The White Rabbit.

The Times, which was owned by J. P. Morgan.

And it’s an ad for the newspaper’s best selling product, The White Horse, which they sell for a very reasonable price, a horse called The New White Horse.

You can see a couple of the ads, but most of them are not particularly impressive.

They’re pretty simple, they’re not very memorable, and they’re all pretty much the same.

They look very much like the ads we’re going to see in a future book.

But you can see that, if you go back, and you look at the 1920 ads, they had a certain kind of quality.

They had an interesting structure to them.

They also had some very appealing colors.

But when they ran ads in newspapers that weren’t particularly good, they didn’t get the same response.

And that’s when they got very popular.

The 1920s were the heyday of newspaper advertising, and the 1920’s had some great advertisers.

But the ads weren’t exactly spectacular.

Here are a few of the great ads: It is said that a good advertisement is the product of ten good ads.

It doesn’t always work that way, and it doesn’t happen often.

But there are a lot of stories about how great ads can fail because of the nature of advertising itself.

The Great Advertising Fall The Great Advertising Winter The Greatest Advertising Fall The Great Ad: The First Half The New York Daily News, March 5, 1920: A new house has been built on the river, a very pleasant spot.

And a good advertising campaign has been started by the New Yorker, to the effect that you may be looking for the best house on the Hudson.

The advertising campaign was good.

The house was good, but the advertisements didn’t go nearly as well as we had hoped.

We are disappointed that it wasn’t better.

The New Yorker had a pretty good run, but there were some really terrible ones.

I’ve always thought that the New Yorkers were a bit over-promising.

We were quite happy with the advertising we did, and we got a pretty solid return on that investment.

But it’s also worth noting that the advertisement for the house that had been shown had the New Jersey governor, Charles S. Baker, on the front.

And the New Statesman was very nice, too.

The advertisement for The White-Horse House.

The advertisement for A House for the People.

The Whitehorse House was a very desirable house, and our advertising campaign had brought it very near to the top of the list.

But we had some really bad ads.

We saw a lot, and there was a lot that didn’t work out.

The House for Men.

The white-horse advertising was very well done.

We had the governor of New Jersey, Charles Baker, sitting in the front of the house.

And we had two other advertisements for the same house, but in a very different style.

The First Ad.

The White House for Women.

The First Ad for Men, in the New America.

The other ad was for the White Horse House.

I think the advertisements for The New House for women were very successful, but not as well-designed as for the men.

We also had the ads for a lot more attractive houses.

One of the advertising campaigns for the New Hampshire house, for instance, included the image of the New Englander sitting on a beach.

Another ad for The Red Rose House, for example.

And so on and so forth.

But I thought that we did an outstanding job of putting ads for houses in very attractive, pretty, pretty nice colors, very appealing to women, and a good idea of what a home would look like.

So I think we did a very good job, and I’m very happy with that.

But then the Great Advertising Spring The Great Advertisement Fall It wasn’t so great that the ads didn’t run very well, though

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