When Burger King announced that it would be hiring an advertising manager to help run its new video advertising program, a number of other companies were quick to jump on the opportunity. 

“BK is in a very good position to grow and expand,” said David Kallman, VP of digital at a large chain like Burger King.

“We have an extremely large and diverse ad business that we can monetize, and this is a perfect opportunity for us to do that.”

In a statement to Wired, Burger King said that it’s hiring an ad manager to lead the company’s new video marketing efforts, with the goal of growing its digital advertising revenue by 40 percent and creating new revenue streams for the company.

“BK will be building a strong digital ad business, and the advertising manager will lead that,” the statement read.

“The hiring of a video ad manager will be a key driver of the company moving forward.”

The hiring is a bit of a surprise for many.

Burger King was rumored to be looking for an ad sales manager for months, and even hired a former CEO, David Cohen, to help out.

(Kallman and Cohen were both fired by the company.)

But while Burger King’s ad sales team is looking to grow revenue, they also want to grow the company as an advertising company.

That means more employees, more ad inventory, more channels and more advertising campaigns.

The company also wants to hire an ad creative manager, which is a position that requires the ability to develop creative content for new ads.

In the past, the company has hired a team of about 30 to run the ads on their website and in mobile ads, according to the company, which has hired nearly 200 new advertising workers since it launched the program.

That’s a massive increase in advertising staff over the past year.

“We’ve added about 200 advertising professionals and we’re going to add another 200 ad creatives over the next two years,” said Steve Hildebrand, a vice president of ad sales at Burger King, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“I think this is the most significant expansion in advertising we’ve ever done.

And I think this was an important opportunity for Burger King to get in a position to help grow that.”

According to the report, the hiring is part of a strategy to drive up the company in a few key ways.

The company wants to “implement a strategy that provides a strong and reliable revenue stream and creates new revenue opportunities for the future,” Hildebrands said.

“And that means more ad product and content creation.

This will help us continue to be able to grow our ad business.”

The new job is expected to cost $60,000, which Hildebeests estimates is about what a manager’s salary is now.

“That’s a substantial amount,” he said.

The hiring comes a week after a report that Burger King is preparing to cut its ad revenue by 10 percent over the course of the next five years. 

The company has been trying to cut ad sales by 40 to 50 percent from its current revenue of $8.5 billion, and that could be a boon to Burger King in the long run.

That number would mean that the company would have more money to spend on advertising, but more importantly, it would mean the company wouldn’t need to spend money on content creators.

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