How to decipher advertisements?

 There are many ways to find free advertising on websites. 

Most of the time, you will find free ads with a keyword like “free” or “advertiser”. 

But in some cases, you may get advertisements with the keywords “adobe” or even “microsoft”. 

You will find ads with the keyword “free advertising”, for example.

But, in some ads, you might also find ads for apps or services. 

You can also get free ads for certain categories. 

For example, you can get free “Adobe”, “Advance Video”, “Google Adwords” and “Amazon”. 

In some cases (e.g. in the Google adverts), you can even get free advertisement for free.

 Free advertising is a popular way to advertise to the audience. 

It can also be a source of revenue for a website. 

In fact, a recent study found that free advertising in the US has a net income of over $1 billion a year. 

How to find and avoid ads? 

The first step to finding ads is to look for free ads. 

The easiest way to find ads is through Google. 

If you are in search, you should be able to find the relevant adverts for a given keyword. 

Here are some tips for finding ads: 1.

Use the search bar. 

This is where you will be able find the adverts. 

Google can be quite helpful with this. 


Look at the advertisement descriptions. 

These can be helpful to find out which ads are advertised and which ones are free. 


Search for keywords related to the keywords that you are interested in. 

As an example, a popular ad for a product is “free ad”. 

If it has the keyword adobe, you are likely to find a lot of free adverts in that ad. 4.

Look for ads with keywords related with the product or service that you want to buy. 

Try searching for “Advisor”, “Gadgets”, “App Store”, “Microsoft”, “Apple” and so on. 5.

Ask for a discount. 

There can be free ads on many products and services, but sometimes you may find free ones that have the keywords adobe or adobe-support, for example: Adobe Store Free Ads For Windows, Mac, iOS 6.

Try to find an offer. 

A good way to avoid these ads is by simply searching for an offer in Google.


Make sure the ad is relevant to your interests. 

Sometimes, a product may offer a free offer, but it may not be a good option for you. 


Ask a customer service representative. 

Again, it is a good idea to ask a customer support representative.


Ask the ad provider to remove the ad.

If you have a question about the ad, you must always ask a question to find more information. 

I hope you found this article helpful.

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