DENVER — An advertising agency is defending its ad campaign featuring a marijuana advertisement that’s accused of inciting racial violence in Denver.

In a court filing Friday, Colorado advertising agency DLA Piper said the ad has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana in Colorado.

The ad features a woman sitting in a car parked next to a group of young black men in Denver, and her two-year-old daughter is holding a pot leaf in her hand.

She says, “What do you think the kids would do if they had to go through this?”

The woman is wearing a purple shirt and black pants, and is seen holding the leaf.

She’s then heard saying, “It’s a big world, daddy.”DLA Piper, which owns the ad, says it’s not racist, and that the ad doesn’t incite racial hatred.

The Denver Post reported in March that a DLA poster in Denver had used an anti-black slur.DLA is defending the ad as part of its anti-hate-speech efforts.DPA spokesman Brian Miller said DLA has not been aware of the ad until now, and the agency is taking the position that the comment was an inappropriate one.

Miller said DPA does not know if the ad was the same one that was used in an earlier ad, and it’s also unclear if the poster who made the comment knew the ad would be shown.

Miller told The Denver Post that the Denver advertising agency doesn’t comment on the specifics of its ads, but he noted that in the case of the racist comment, the agency has “a policy of not commenting on things.”DPA has since removed the ad from the Denver ad campaign.