“Trying to figure out who’s on the inside” of the Tuscaloosa-Huntsville-Madison FBI probe, Alabama lawmakers

Alabama’s House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a measure that would allow the state’s top law enforcement official to testify about the investigation of alleged voter fraud, as well as the efforts of the Justice Department to investigate voter fraud.Rep. Matt Biederman, D-Birmingham, who heads the state Senate’s criminal justice committee, proposed the measure after […]

How to watch ESPN in Windows 10 on your phone or tablet

When you want to watch your favorite sports team, the ESPN app will be right there on your device. For example, here’s how you can watch ESPN for your phone: You’ll see your favorite team on ESPN and on ESPN2 (or ESPN3 if you’re using an older device). You’ll also see ESPN2 and ESPNU. On mobile, you’ll see […]