Advertisers are turning to social media for ad revenue, research shows

AUSTIN (AP) Ads that appear on social media platforms are driving revenue growth for major U.S. advertising companies, while advertisers are shifting to ad networks that offer personalized audiences, according to a new study by advertising analytics firm AdRoll.The research suggests that social media may have the most to offer advertisers as they pursue audiences […]

Facebook ads may have a privacy policy loophole

Facebook’s advertising policies may have privacy policies that allow advertisers to access information such as a person’s age, gender, race, or religion, according to a study published on Thursday.The study, from the University of Michigan and Princeton University, found that some Facebook ads contain a statement that states “We use data to tailor advertisements based […]

When you’re on a date and need to hide ads from your dating profile, it’s possible to find some of the best ads from a major brand

The best ads for your dates can be found through ad blocking and other ad-block tools.Here are some of them that you can find on Google Analytics, which is the online tracking platform.1.The dating profile of the CEO of a major online dating service4.The ad for a $1,000 wedding gift6.The ads for a restaurant where […]

Why Apple has been so quiet on iOS ads

A long-time Apple fanboy, I’ve been following Apple’s iOS advertising strategy since the iOS 6 launch.But when I got a chance to get hands-on time with the company’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 6s, I found myself frustrated with how Apple’s advertising strategy works.When I first tried the iPhone in June, I was impressed by how […]