Which company is hiring the most new talent?

When Burger King announced that it would be hiring an advertising manager to help run its new video advertising program, a number of other companies were quick to jump on the opportunity. “BK is in a very good position to grow and expand,” said David Kallman, VP of digital at a large chain like Burger King.“We […]

Google AdWords ads manager salaries in 2018

TechCrunch is reporting that Google’s ad network paid an employee $1.8 million last year.Google Adwords, the company’s ad product, employs more than 200,000 people worldwide.The job description on the Google ad network website is a bit more specific, listing “Advertising Manager, Business Development, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Search, Analytics & Data Scientist.”Google also mentions […]

Netflix ad: ‘The Walking Dead’ was a ‘good movie’ but ‘it’s not a Netflix show’

Netflix has announced a major ad campaign for the new season of the zombie-slaying sci-fi TV series The Walking Dead, with the ad company telling viewers to “get out of the house and leave your guns at home” when the series returns on February 10.The campaign is part of Netflix’s commitment to keeping its viewers […]