How to stop the misinformation and false claims in the advertising industry

The advertising industry is a lot like a political campaign.If you want to sell ads, you have to make it look good.So, it’s no surprise that misleading advertising has a habit of getting in the way of people buying.This is a problem, because it can cause people to stop purchasing.To get the best advertising, you […]

The most-cited sites to read when it comes to vintage advertising posters

Google News has ranked the top five sites to check out when it came to vintage ads.Advertising posters are the original posters of the advertising industry.These posters are printed on the back of newspapers, magazines, magazines and advertising agencies to give consumers a sense of the company’s history and how it operated.“A poster is a […]

Google and Black Friday advertising is not about the news but about “social and emotional impact”

Posted November 15, 2018 05:12:18Google has taken the unusual step of advertising Black Friday with its new ad campaign featuring the popular TV series Black and White.The company, which was acquired by Facebook in 2015, says the ad campaign is a “biggest, most visible and most meaningful social impact campaign we’ve ever done”. “We’re thrilled to […]