Advertisers are watching this year’s black friday ads, but they’re paying less to reach consumers

The amount of money advertisers are spending on online ads has been dropping in recent years.The average ad spend in November was $1.85 billion, down from $2.29 billion in 2010, according to research firm Quantcast.The decline is largely driven by advertisers who are looking to increase sales and advertising efficiency, said Michael Nachman, director of […]

What do you get when you combine tiktzok and discord?

The creators of the popular podcast Discord have teamed up with Black Friday advertising server Tektok to help promote their popular game on the popular social network.The partnership will see Tektos newest episode featuring a Black Friday ad airing on the Tektoks newest episode of the game.The new episode of Black Friday advertises the Teks […]

Hulu ad launches with Black Friday ad campaign on Hulu

HULU is debuting a Black Friday advertising campaign featuring Black Friday ads from popular movie franchises, including Transformers: The Last Knight and Jurassic World.The ad campaign will run on Hulu starting Nov. 14.It includes a Black Thursday ad for the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction.It also includes a video from the movie The Last Jedi, […]

Google and Black Friday advertising is not about the news but about “social and emotional impact”

Posted November 15, 2018 05:12:18Google has taken the unusual step of advertising Black Friday with its new ad campaign featuring the popular TV series Black and White.The company, which was acquired by Facebook in 2015, says the ad campaign is a “biggest, most visible and most meaningful social impact campaign we’ve ever done”. “We’re thrilled to […]