Which advertisers are deceptive?

The Google News database contains ads that appear to be commercial advertising.For example, a Google search for “car advertising” can return thousands of ads that target the search for cars.But in reality, many of these ads are from companies who don’t want to be associated with any kind of commercial product.To make matters worse, many […]

What is BingeOn?

When you think of Binge On, you might think of it as a Netflix-like service that streams movies and TV shows for free, but that’s not quite how it works.Instead, the streaming service is a collection of programs and services that allow users to watch video content on demand from across a wide range of […]

The video game industry has been hit by a wave of online deceptive advertising since 2015, as a result of changes to the law. Here’s how to avoid the next round of video game scams.

Posted November 01, 2020 04:17:49A wave of video games scams hit the video game market in 2015, with a spate of fraudulent ads appearing across the web.Now, as the industry prepares to rebrand, there’s a new scam being launched to capitalize on consumers’ confusion.According to a recent report from The New York Times, the video-game […]