How to stop the misinformation and false claims in the advertising industry

The advertising industry is a lot like a political campaign.If you want to sell ads, you have to make it look good.So, it’s no surprise that misleading advertising has a habit of getting in the way of people buying.This is a problem, because it can cause people to stop purchasing.To get the best advertising, you […]

How to make sure you’re not getting a “false impression”

How do you know when an advertisement is a lie?How do marketers tell the difference between a truthful advertisement and a misleading one?This is a common question that advertisers are grappling with.The answer to this question is an infographic from ad agency Ethos, which helps to answer these questions.Ethos’ infographic is based on the latest […]

How Google Ads Cost The Big Beer Company $7.5 Million to Advertise In 2017

A little over a year ago, Google announced that it would be cutting ads from Google+ during the holidays.Today, the company is back to its old ways, with the company announcing that it will pay out $7,500 in advertising revenue during the 2016-17 holiday season.While that figure is small by comparison to the amount paid […]