How much did the 2018 election cost you?

As of Wednesday, 2020 advertising prices were being reported, with the latest report from the Elections Canada website, which shows that the total price for 2020 election ads was $1,928,000.As you can see, the cost was a little bit more than $10 million more than the 2016 election and well above the $1.3 million the […]

When you’re on a date and need to hide ads from your dating profile, it’s possible to find some of the best ads from a major brand

The best ads for your dates can be found through ad blocking and other ad-block tools.Here are some of them that you can find on Google Analytics, which is the online tracking platform.1.The dating profile of the CEO of a major online dating service4.The ad for a $1,000 wedding gift6.The ads for a restaurant where […]