How to decode advertisements?

How to decipher advertisements? There are many ways to find free advertising on websites. Most of the time, you will find free ads with a keyword like “free” or “advertiser”. But in some cases, you may get advertisements with the keywords “adobe” or even “microsoft”. You will find ads with the keyword “free advertising”, for example.But, in some ads, […]

A black blogger says he’s done the right thing and left backpage, but not because he’s a white guy

By Chris Hughes (2:40pm ET)Black blogger and self-described “political activist” Andrew Bacevich told Buzzfeed that he’s been a “longtime advertiser” on the backpage platform, and “the platform has allowed me to become part of the conversation.”Buzzfeed’s sources told the publication that Bacevs experience on the platform included his support for the Black Lives Matter movement […]