Why don’t the advertising flyers in Lafayette look like this?

After a three-year campaign, the Lafayette Advertising Board has concluded that Lafayette’s current advertising posters are not in compliance with the law and are not appropriate for use in a local election.“Lafayette is a small community of just over 300,000 people,” said board member Jim Kocher.“And, if we’re not doing our jobs, what are we […]

Google Ads: A Look at How Advertising Works on Twitter

Bloomberg -1.1% LIFETIME NOWLAS LA LAKE, Calif.— Google ads are on fire right now.The search giant is adding thousands of new advertisers a day, including brands such as Nike, Adidas and Nike+ in the US and Canada, and also adding new advertisers to its international partners like Amazon, Amazon Prime and the French retailer L’Oreal.Google […]

Amazon India to launch Amazon App for Free on Android and Apple devices in India

The Indian tech giant is set to roll out a new app for free on Android devices in the country.The app will allow users to access their Amazon accounts from anywhere and will allow them to search for the products and services they need without having to switch to a different app.The new app will […]

Google AdWords ads manager salaries in 2018

TechCrunch is reporting that Google’s ad network paid an employee $1.8 million last year.Google Adwords, the company’s ad product, employs more than 200,000 people worldwide.The job description on the Google ad network website is a bit more specific, listing “Advertising Manager, Business Development, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Search, Analytics & Data Scientist.”Google also mentions […]