What to know about the latest online ad campaign, and why it matters

How much will your online ad cost you?How much are you willing to pay?That’s the question advertisers are asking now, as they begin to spend millions of dollars on new ads to reach young people across the country.And with so much to weigh in on, it’s clear how big an impact the new ads have […]

How to get the biggest bang for your buck in outdoor advertising

The biggest thing you can do to drive revenue from outdoor advertising is to create an online presence.To do that, you need to build a dedicated landing page, a landing page optimized for outdoor advertisers.If you’re a new advertiser, you’ll need to make some initial tweaks.First, get familiar with the landscape of outdoor advertising.That means […]

Amazon India to launch Amazon App for Free on Android and Apple devices in India

The Indian tech giant is set to roll out a new app for free on Android devices in the country.The app will allow users to access their Amazon accounts from anywhere and will allow them to search for the products and services they need without having to switch to a different app.The new app will […]